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Previous Postings (now filled)

To apply for a position, send your resume or CV to jobs@tevidobiodevices.com.   Include the areas in the job description you are most interested in and why you want to work for TeVido Biodevices.  Candidates must be eligible to work permanently in the US; please provide confirmation of your status.  Please note that relocation expenses are not provided at this time.

The following positions are currently NOT available with TeVido:

Staff Scientist - Design, perform and analyze experiments to optimize implantable tissue engineered constructs in the field of Cell and Tissue Engineering.  Candidate should have a Masters or Ph.D. or equivalent knowledge and experience in biology, biomedical engineering or a similar field and at least 3 years of industry or postdoc experience in a related field.   This position is currently planned  for 5-6 months, with the potential to become permanent.  Depending on the candidate, TeVido has some flexibility in structuring the position as either part time or full time.

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Assistant Research Scientist - Assist TeVido scientists and management in performing work in the field of Cell and Tissue Engineering.  Set up, operate, and maintain laboratory instruments and equipment, monitor and participate in experiments, make observations, calculate and record results.  Maintain and prepare cell culture supplies for use by other scientists in the company.  Operate, maintain and/or build 3D printers or bioprinters.  Candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree in science  with specialization in a biological science discipline or the equivalent in experience.  

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