Cancer affects us all.

Or will at some point.

Learn how TeVido BioDevices plans to help.

If you’re reading this, odds are you, or someone you know, has been directly affected by cancer, possibly breast cancer.  The good news is that the odds of breast cancer survival are increasing. Women are finding breast cancer earlier than ever and beating it.  This makes improvements in breast reconstruction techniques more important than ever.

TeVido’s nipple areola complex (NAC) product is targeted to improve NAC reconstruction outcomes after mastectomy due to breast cancer where current procedures often flatten over time. TeVido will create an autologous graft that has been tissue-engineered to have 1) a custom-colored pigmentation layer to match the existing nipple and 2) a projection built of pre-vascularized adipose (fat) grafts and is 3) combined into a single product for a plastic surgeon to apply in one setting. These capabilities can be used together as in the NAC graft or separately to address other hypopigmentation or soft tissue deficiencies.




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