February 8, 2019


TeVido BioDevices Services

Restoring Hope

TeVido will address significant unmet needs in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery with autologous cell therapy for patients with vitiligo and nipple areola reconstruction for breast cancer survivors. Currently, vitiligo patients are unable to easily access the most effective treatment options and breast cancer survivors who choose to have reconstructive survey have limited options when it comes to the aesthetic outcome of their procedure.

TeVido is a combination of  two spanish words, tejido (tissue) and vida (life).

This is our mission

 At TeVido BioDevices, we use a patient's own tissue to enhance the quality of their life.

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TeVido BioDevices is always innovating and looking to solve the next big challenge with our expertise.


There is no cure.

Treatments, often, don't work.

There is hope. 

Vitiligo is a dermatological condition characterized by the appearance of white patches of skin on different parts of the body, such as the face, hands, arms and feet, and is a result of the absence of functional pigment cells (melanocytes). Vitiligo can cause severe cosmetic distress and is associated with social stigma, profound psychological impact and affects quality of life1.  People who have vitiligo can feel embarrassed, ashamed, depressed or worried about how others will react2. Severe depression from vitiligo has been known to lead to suicide attempts1.

About 0.5-1% of the world’s population has vitiligo2, with 2-5 million in the United States3. There is no cure. Although many treatment options are available to help restore skin color, (topical creams, systemic treatments, phototherapy, surgical skin grafting etc.) results vary widely between individuals and are often unsatisfactory4.

TeVido Biodevices aims to change that.   By creating a centralized graft processing facility, TeVido will prepare cellular transplants for physicians, removing the need for the physician to staff and build infrastructure themselves.  Finally, a well known, standard procedure will be available to patients who long to feel whole again.

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Autologous Cell Therapy

We use cells from the patient, for the patient.


Our autologous cell therapy uses an individual’s cells harvested from a small amount of their own healthy skin.  The skin is minimally processed to retrieve the cells and returned to the physician to complete the transplant.

TeVido will bring regenerative therapy to clinics around the world.

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Nipple Reconstruction

Cancer affects us all.

Or will at some point.

Learn how TeVido BioDevices plans to help.

If you’re reading this, odds are you, or someone you know, has been directly affected by cancer, possibly breast cancer.  The good news is that the odds of breast cancer survival are increasing. Women are finding breast cancer earlier than ever and beating it.  This makes improvements in breast reconstruction techniques more important than ever.

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