February 17, 2015

Assitant Research Scientist

This position has been filled – May 2015

TeVido BioDevices Assitant Research Scientist

Job Description:  TeVido BioDevices has a position for an assistant research scientist to work with TeVido scientists and management in performing work in the field of Cell and Tissue Engineering. TeVido BioDevices is initiating research activities in the Austin, TX area for the development of a 3-D printed cell-based product for breast reconstruction after breast cancer.  This is a challenging and exciting opportunity to contribute to an innovative, fast paced startup company with leading edge technology.  Duties include set up, operation, and maintenance of laboratory instruments and equipment, monitor and participate in experiments, make observations, calculate and record results.  Maintain and prepare cell culture supplies for use by other scientists in the company.  Operate, maintain and/or build 3D printers or bioprinters.  Candidates must be eligible to work in the US.  Relocation expenses are not covered.

Required Qualifications:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in science or engineering  with specialization in a biological science discipline or the equivalent in experience.
  • Preference will be given to candidates experienced with culturing, maintaining, and / or harvesting human primary cells.
  • Must have experience with sterile techniques and microscopy.
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully handle multiple complex tasks at the same time while still meeting deadlines.
  • Ability to easily adapt to frequent changes in schedules and priorities. Excellent interpersonal skills, time management and demonstrated attention to detail.
  • Understanding of the use and maintenance of common cell culture laboratory equipment and/or the desire to learn on their own.
  • Willingness and ability to jump between several responsibilities on a daily basis as needed

Desired additional qualifications (not all are necessary):

  • 3D printing
  • bioprinting
  • working experience with adipocytes
  • working experience with endothelial cells
  • experience bringing products through the regulatory process
  • experience harvesting cells from tissue
  • working experience with arduino, raspberry pi, national instruments, or other control circuitry
  • working experience with common fabrication techniques and tools
  • programming experience including embedded systems

Characteristics of applicant:

  • Willingness to continue personal advancement on own time when necessary
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision with internal and external teams
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and competing priorities
  • Ability to work in a dynamic environment and easily adapt to changes in schedules and priorities.
  • Strong desire for company’s success

 Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Assisting scientists with experimental protocols
  • Assure that all operations are performed according to company operating procedures  without deviation
  • Collect and keep detailed cell culture data and records
  • Maintain tissue culture room in orderly and well organized state
  • Plan and prepare all media and reagents necessary to maintain cell cultures and assure that they are properly stored and clearly identified
  • Assist in other experiments that utilize basic tools of cell biology and chemistry.
  • Provide technical support to scientists on the assembly, troubleshooting and repair of electro-mechanical products and systems.
  • Maintain lab equipment and inventory of supplies
  • Support and maintain 3D printers or bioprinters as skills allow
  • Assist PI/CTO in other laboratory and office duties as assigned
  • Take ownership of experiments and other work
  • Willingness to work during non-standard business hours when needed to get the job done.