Ten 3D-bioprinting Companies Making Strides in the Medical Field

TeVido BioDevices featured in Electronics360:  “Ten 3D-bioprinting Companies Making Strides in the Medical Field”


3D printing is becoming a great resource for all kinds of companies and fields to take advantage of. It’s currently used in the power utilities industry, snow machine parts, printing electronic circuits and more. 3D printing has many potential applications, but possibly the most exciting industry taking advantage of 3D printing is the medical field. Medical applications, such as printing soft- human tissue-like structures, printing prosthetics for hearing loss and printing knee replacements employ additive manufacturing technologies. Along with these new uses for 3D printing in the medical field, there are many companies dedicated to 3D printing specifically for medical uses.

This article highlights 10 of these companies representing 3D printing in the medical field.


TeVido BioDevices takes advantage of 3D printers for various reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. Their treatments range from autologous cell therapy for vitiligo patients to nipple reconstruction for breast cancer survivors. They try to use their patients own melanocytes (pigment-producing cells) and tissues in the printing process to lower the chance of rejection and allow patients to have a high quality of life.

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Ten 3D-bioprinting Companies Making Strides in the Medical Field