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Using patients’ cells

What We Do

TeVido BioDevices is developing high quality, cutting-edge processing techniques and combining that with advances in cellular therapy to create custom grafts for use in procedures to restore lost pigment.


Absence of skin color can be caused by disease, burns, and trauma to the skin.


A patient may feel stressed, self-conscious, or even ashamed by the change in their appearance caused by loss of pigmentation.


Using a patient's own pigment producing cells has been shown to replace color that has been lost, enhancing quality of life for those who suffer from certain disfiguring conditions.


TeVido will turn this into reality, making these life changing grafts available to those who need them.

TeVido is a combination of two spanish words, tejido (tissue) and vida (life). This is our mission.... at TeVido BioDevices, we use a person's own cells to enhance the quality of their life.

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